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Whangaroa is a place of enormous beauty and tranquility Situated in the Far North of New Zealand on the protected East Coast, Whangaroa Harbour is commonly known as 'The Marlin Capital' of New Zealand' renowned for it' Big Game Fishing and one of the most beautiful maritime areas in the world. The Whangaroa Big Game Fishing Club
is situated over the waters edge in the township, has an outstanding display of fishing memorabilia.

Game fishing in the harbour dates back to 1925 when both Captain LD Mitchell and Zane Gray weighed in fish and were the founding members of the club

All around the area of Whangaroa is wide variety accommodation, from international-standard resort hotels, to holiday parks, self-contained apartments and cottages, bed & breakfast, hotels and motels.

The usual resident population for the wider Whangaroa are is around 2700. This encompasses all the smaller bays from Taupo Bay around to Matauri Bay including Matangirau, Tauranga Bay, Mahinepua, Te Ngaere Bay, and Wainu.

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