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Most queries are covered in the icons to the right of the page - the questions most asked are -

When is the best time to go marlin fishing?

The season can start late December but the best dates are from late January to early May. ( Dates )

Do I get a choice in what happens to my fish?

You have the choice of tag and releasing or bringing your fish into weigh (IGFA rules are 90kgs or over), however marlin do die or can be too damaged to release so these will be weighed in.

If I weigh a fish then what happens to all that flesh?

Our Smokey - Dennis Smith will pick up your marlin and smoke it for you. We can arrange for you to see the first part of the process if you wish. If you are unable to take your smoked marlin with you, Dennis can arrange to have it transport to you whether in NZ or overseas.

I don't want to leave my car unattended?

No problems your vehicle can be stored at the skippers residence.

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